It's all about the beautiful simplicities ♥

This is me starting out in a new city, at a new school, always ever-changing in accordance to new knowledge and pieces of wisdom I am experiencing with each new day. This is my invitation to you to follow me on my journey as I grow. As I grow spiritually, academically, professionally, and emotionally. Welcome! Your thoughts, words of wisdom, and constructive criticism are encouraged:)

I’m loving these moments.

taylor swift

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I found my inspiration for my writing, and this makes me very happy:). I needed to step away from a previous project that I couldn’t get motivated to take forward and instead start something new. Something that I felt emotionally and passionate about. And so, words started streaming onto the page about love. And these past hours have been spent with Taylor Swift playing in the background, in a way, sharing our stories back and forth, through songs and writings:). It only reaffirmed my certainty that if we actually knew each other, we’d be best best friends haha.

But through writing my creative thoughts and stories, I realized how grateful I am for all my experiences that have dealt with love. What’s interesting is that before today, most of my journaled writings on this topic have had to do with the aftermath, the pain, the wrecked heart. I’ve often joked with myself that I see the most beauty in pain, because I see the pain as a portrayal of the depth that the experience had on a person. But today I was able to evoke worded imagery and metaphors that expressed love, vibrancy, and passion. For me, I see this as a small accomplishment and the beginnings of a new kind of writing for me. I look back on all the beauty and pain that I’ve experienced because of love, and I find myself truly grateful for it all. 

haha, I’d say this is a great way to get into the Thanksgiving Spirit:)

long overdue posttttt.

Today has been a great day. The weather here in Boston is picture perfect. The sun was shining, a brisk feel in the air, trees filled with color, and a reminiscent smell of autumn in the air. What a perfect time for thanksgiving to be arriving! Some friends and I went and got crepes in davis square and it was such a picture perfect fall outing. I enjoyed it so much, and loved watching the Charles River as the subway traveled across the bridge into cambridge. And i had never had crepes before, and they were amazing! I’m now an advocate for crepes:). 

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit home for two short days, on my way to Mexico for my stepsister, Jessica’s, wedding! Such a beautiful wedding, in a beautiful church, on a beautiful hilltop overlooking a surrounding forest and the ocean nearby. And I can’t complain about the food, beach, and relaxing aura of Playa Del Carmen where we stayed. It was also so awesome to be home for a couple days. I got to see and spend time with some very close friends who I’d missed miserably. Mo and I also got to see a play that Simone was in, which was so wonderful! And we got to make dinner for my dad and stepmom! (homemade pizza and salad!:)) It was seriously, an amazing, and much appreciated trip. I can’t wait for christmas break! It’s crazy that it will actually be very soon! 

Yesterday I got to go to my first advanced “master” yoga class. It was two hours long, and such a challenging and awesome experience:). It was definitely a great step towards gaining the experience to one day become a yoga instructor. And i’m inspired to be a GREAT yoga instructor. One that knows how each movement affects one’s body and how to challenge and become one with mind, body, and soul. I want to know the ins and outs of yoga and meditation, in a way that I can inspire and help others. 

Other dreams I have:

  • Work in the publishing industry, specifically with a spiritual publishing company.
  • Have an internship/work in the magazine industry, in the art design department, at a fitness/nutrition magazine. 
  • Venture further into photography, perhaps exploring it as a major hobby, or even incorporating it into a future career
  • always keep writing. One day I want to publish a novel. 
  • Love tremendously. With all my heart. And enjoy Life’s every moment ♥

Lots to look forward to!:)

I hope everyone is having a delightful day and is looking forward to their Thanksgiving!

Today, fall weather has resumed.

Me, my mom, and Jeff in nyc a couple weeks ago!:)

The last several days have been wacky and out of character for Boston. Tuesday, the sun was shining and I was able to go running in shorts and a tank top IN LATE OCTOBER. Needless to say, as a runner, I was very inviting of the unexpected Sun’s warmth. However, it’s nice to feel the brisk chill in the air again. It matches the colors of the trees and Halloween atmosphere. This setting is so ideal to me. I realized in the past week, how much I enjoyed watching movies with this background when I was younger. If any of you have ever seen Stepmom or Hocus Pocus, then you know what I’m talking about. I realized how much I loved seeing these movies set in the Northeast. So, being able to witness it firsthand is a childhood dream come true!

Today I am devoting my day to writing. I have my second submission due on monday for my creative writing class, and with so much work, I have not yet had time to invest the kind of focus I want to put into the project. Therefore, I think this cloudy day seems quite fitting. And lots of energy and ideas are coming out onto the keyboard, so i’d say that is a definite good sign. 

I’ve been enjoying my experience writing a fitness/nutrition column for Em’s Online Magazine and have been busy the past couple of weeks trying out all the different classes! It was a great way to push myself out of my comfort zone and try classes I had previously been intimidated by. So, I have a challenge for you this week: Go out and actively try something that pushes you out of your comfort zone! It doesn’t have to be something dealing with fitness; rather, choose something that you would see as a small victory for you. I’m a big believer that accumulating many small victories will lead to the big results! And let me know what you do and how it goes! :)

and i’ll leave you with a contemplative quote:

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget that the inner value – the rapture that is associated with being alive – is what it is all about.”

– Joseph Campbell

It is very early on a monday morning

Hopefully that means a positive start to a new week!?! haha. I woke up at five this morning and have not been able to go back to sleep. I’m not one to just lie in bed for hours hoping for more sleep—i’d rather do something more productive with my time, or actually i HAVE more productive things that i need to do lol. So anyway, i’ll embrace these early quiet moments and head over to the coffee shop and read my book for Creative Writing called, “The Ice Storm” by Rick Moody. Very interesting book. It’s about the dynamics of a wealthy Connecticut family whose relationships intertwine and cause friction with one another. It’s keeping me captivated, so i cannot complain about homework that I enjoy:). 

On other notes of life, I began my part time host job at an italian restaurant around the corner called Gennaro’s 5 North Square. Seriously, a 1 minute, 30 second walk. I really don’t think I could beat that! It’s a relatively easier job than The Melting Pot, which makes me a little sad, considering that I enjoyed being so involved and task-oriented at the MP. However, I’ve made it a challenge for me. I feel like I could add to the restaurant in terms of understanding how many guests we could handle, while keeping things running smoothly. It’ll only be a one or two night job/week, which is really quite perfect. Perhaps in the future i’ll want to be a server, but for now, i’d rather focus on school and extracurriculars. Which leads to Quidditch! I got to play in my first quidditch match yesterday and it was so fun and exciting! I love our team spirit and we won the game! AND i actually scored 2 or 3 goals! For those of you who don’t understand the rules of quidditch, its adapted from Harry Potter. We run on broomsticks and throw quaffle balls through hoops while our seeker goes out in search of the person acting as “the snitch.” It can get quite aggressive, but its definitely fun!:)

Other than that I have been studying studying studying. SO MUCH WORK!!!! The next few weeks will be busy, but I’m just going to focus and make it through:). Tonight i’m going to see a staged performance of Spring Awakening at the school. I saw it on Broadway a couple of years ago so it’ll be great to see it again and get a new perspective!

Life is going at 3048932843274 billion miles an hour, but all i can do is embrace it:)

At this moment i’m going on two hours of sleep, with a full day ahead of me. Yet, in this moment, i find joy because life really is amazing in each second of its existence. I’m currently talking to Brigitte (who is in california) on facebook, where is 5:30 in the morning. haha, figures, that this would be the only time we can get in contact with each other:). It’s friends like her, and all the other friends I have spread all across the world (even Sarah in Denmark!:)) that truly remind me of how remarkable it is to live and be alive. 

Lots has been going on, but here are some highlights:

This past weekend i got to visit my mom, stepdad, and stepsister in NYC, which was really wonderful. For the most part, we just walked around different neighborhoods of the city and ate awesome food:) I think we were on a mission to find the best new york diner haha. I will say, New York definitely knows how to do diners—IHOP and Cracker Barrel have nothing against those diners! We also ate at Bobby Flay’s Southwestern Restaurant called Mesa Grill. AMAZING FOOD. (then again, you probably wouldn’t expect anything less lol). I also got to run through Central Park, which was probably one of my favorite moments. There is a pristine sense of peace that encompasses the park and it was such a joy to wake up and spend time in its atmosphere. On the bus ride home we drove through Connecticut in daylight, and the fall foliage was so beautiful! Such a “perfect picture” scene of New England. I’m excited that fall is among us:)

I start a new job this weekend! I will be working in hospitality again for one or two days a week at a restaurant just around the corner from where I live in the North End. Its a cute Italian restaurant, with of course, nothing but delicious food:). More to come once i actually start!

I’ve been writing fitness and nutrition articles for the school’s Em Magazine Web Edition. Check out all the different articles! I really like where we seem to be going with the web portion of the magazine:)

And i will leave you with a quote from Brigitte that she sent me this morning. She is such an inspiring presence in my life:):

keep a smile on your face always and keep riding this roller coaster of life. take every dip, turn, drop, hill, and climb with acceptance. keep your eyes open wide and be aware. you’ll never know how significant each encounter, each moment is until you are awake in the present. the only truth to this reality is this moment.

A great weekend for a visit to New Hampshire!

Its drizzling a bit outside, but that’s okay, i love the always-changing weather here. I’m getting ready to go to New Hampshire for the weekend! I’m going for a college student retreat on Lake Winnipesauke with the Real Life Boston Group. Its an organization that brings college students together to learn and discover God. I think its going to be such a wonderful opportunity to get away, see a new place, meet new people, and share God’s presence! I’m taking my camera, so you can bet that pictures will be coming soon:). 

Have a wonderful weekend! Make time to do something you love to do!

ohhh sundays, why couldn’t you last longer?:)

Another weekend comes and goes. Time flies by so very fast. It’s already almost October! I’ve been here for almost officially a month. In some ways I feel like “that can’t be right…”, and in other ways I feel like “yes, yes, its definitely been at least a month!” haha. Either way, I love living as a Bostonian. Maybe one of these days i’ll actually be able to give someone directions:).

I’m very excited because a week ago I told myself that, by today, I would find a church to go to, and attend. At least try something out. Well, this past friday I went to a college life group to see what it was about and ended up really enjoying it! I liked the message that the pastor shared and really identified with his experiences. I also met several new friends from other colleges, which was really awesome. And some of them actually invited me to go to their church today (Such a great example of God using others to send messages through:)), which ended up also being a really great experience. Basically, to put it in a nutshell, this weekend was a lot about God reaching to me in different ways. And I definitely love when I can actually point out when he’s doing that. 

Lots to look forward to these next few weeks!:

1) My first creative short story is due wednesday! (This is exciting and a little scary!—-but i’m embracing the anticipation:))

2) I’m going to New Hampshire this weekend for a Fall Retreat with other college students from Boston! (Another Northeastern state to mark off my list of states to visit:))

3) Mom and Jeff visit New York the next weekend and I get to go up and visit with them and Jackie! I love/miss NYC! Plus, i’ll be visiting Lex, who i haven’t seen since I went to new york the summer after my senior year for acting. 

But I’m going to try and get better about blogging every couple of days. Maybe even with just an inspirational or thought-provoking picture or quote. Anyways, Love and Miss you all!

It’s been a while!

I miss her:)

What can I say? There is so much going on and so little time to do everything! But i love the busyness of it all. I wake up, do homework, read and write, go to school, work out, go to meetings, come home, do homework, and get ready to do it all over again! haha. Since I last posted, I’ve gotten involved in several more organizations that i’m very excited for! I will be writing a fitness column for the web portion of the Em Magazine (the school’s lifestyle magazine), which i’m really excited for! Also, I signed up for a photography club, a spiritual organization, the Emerson Fashion Society, and the publishing organization on campus. I feel so blessed to be able to do a little bit of everything that i love/am interested in! 

I’ve also found that i love running/walking the city. Anywhere I go, I try to change up the route that I normally go, allowing me to see new things, roads, and people. Still, I feel like there is so much that i’m missing and haven’t been able to see! Slowly, but surely, I’ll explore all of Boston:). 

I was in Yoga class yesterday, and I really centered on something the yoga instructor said. “You are here, in this moment, exactly where you are supposed to be.” And i really found truth in it. So often, we worry about the paths we take and getting lost on our journey in life. But, the journey we take, the roads we choose to walk, are the exact ones we’re supposed to take. They will make us who we are. And i just thought I’d share that with you:).